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Specialists in Single-Poet volumes and anthologies.

Titles available:

Poems of Faith and Love

In this book can be found poems relating to once-in-a- lifetime feelings and everyday experience They are composed by those chosen for their openness of expression. Their words bring an easy flow of thought into memories of love and new strength of compassion.

Poems of Faith and Love brings to you a width of feelings expressed by 35 poets, including Enoch Powell, The Bishop of Monmouth, Mary Spain and Monica Hover. Their poems are likely to touch on memories of love or bring a new strength of compassion. They will certainly reward your imagination and enliven you.

This book is divided into the following theme sections:
• Spirit of Places
• Inspiration from Nature and Animals
• Love and Beauty
• Space and Peace
• Destiny and Providence
• Loss and Recovery
Interesting biographical notes are included.

Author: Various
ISBN: 978-1-899605-002
Pages: 128
Price: £5.95

Of Time and Small Islands

Walter Nash was born at Barrow-in-Furness and served in the Royal Navy during the Last War before reading English and Archaeology at Cambridge. Academic posts at Kings College London and Lund University preceded his appointment as Professor of English Language at Nottingham University.
Walter Nash has written widely on literary and linguistic topics; recent books have been published by Longmans. Living in The Canaries since retirement has brought the choice of writing more poetry, much of it as a spiritual exercise or form of prayer.
This book is a selection of fluent travellers' tales, showing a liking for legends, and an awareness of spirit in people and places. Broiling heat and sunset calm are in these verses, which speak the Atlantic Island life for your memory.

Author: Walter Nash
ISBN: 978-1-899605-118
Published: 13 Nov 2006
Pages: 72
Price: £5.75

A Fair Trek

Place poems, Saints and Cathedrals, Easter and Christmas poems, and poems of tribute.

Author: Various
ISBN: 978-1-899605-132
Published: 01 Dec 2006
Pages: 136
Price: £5.25

Dreams – Night and Day

Poets included in this anthology
Regency and Victorian poets
William Wordsworth,
Alfred, Lord Tennyson,
John Keats,
Percy Shelley,
Christina Rossetti,
Emily Bronte.
Dreams may puzzle, distress or please us, but seem very personal. In this book poets have been chosen for the new dimension to life revealed in the record of their dreams.
Contemporary poets
Kathleen Raine,
R. S. Thomas Enoch Powell John Gurney,
Mary Spain,
Jack Pollock.

Author: Various
Price: £6.95

The Moment In Between

Nature and Faith poems. Illustrated.

Author: Marian Dalling
Price: £4.00

Common Cause to Speak a Song

Story of The Rainbow Poetry Movement.

Author: Various
Published: 01 Dec 2006
Price: £3.75

Sea Surf

Author: Philip Wesley Comfort
ISBN: 978-1-899605-09-5
Published: 01 May 2009
Price: £5.75

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